Venus Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Founded In 1999, Is Specialized In Design And Manufacture Of Extruders. 

Since The Production Of Our First Extruder Machine, We Have Been Dedicating To The Research And Development Of High Performance. The Features And Competitive Advantagesof Our Products Can Be Listed As Following:Excellent And High Quality Control.

In Our Company, We Have An Over 25-Year Experienced Designer Who Had Been Working With Machinery Company Before For Design Full Range Of Machinery. Base On The Outstanding Acknowlegedment Of Extruding Machine, Which Has Enabled Us To Self Designed A Series Of High Efficiency Automatic Machinery To Incorporate With High Performance Machine For Completing A High Production Manufacturing Line. With Innovation And Breakthrough, Incorporated With Advanced Technology And Professional Technicians, That Has Enabled Us To Develop, Design And Manufacture High Performance Machine.

Extensively Experience Tecnicians Fully Understand The Parts Manufacturing Characteristics, And Rigorous Quality Control, Ensures All Parts Accuracy And Performance. Our Overseas Markets Mostly Focus On Global About 60 More Countries, We Never Stop Upgrading Our R&D Capability And Technical-Know-How To Seize Every Opportunity And As Well As Bring The Innovative Products To The Market End Users.

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